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Improv, Tilt, Rahel Otsa
The Fifth International Improv Festival Tilt (2017). Photo: Merle Talvik



My name is Rahel Otsa and I’m a freelance improviser, improv teacher, host and event planner. I created and managed one of the first improv theatres in Estonia Jaa !mproteater (2009-2019); am the main producer of the International Improv Festival Tilt in Tallinn and I teach improv to both children and adults. I’ve been doing improv for ten years and so my main working field now is teaching improv as an art form and as a means of learning something else. For example team-building. I also help to organise different projects and host events. 

Improv coaching
Improv is quite new in Estonia still, so I mostly conduct workshops and studios that teach basic improv knowledge to children and adults here. But – I recently had two tours where I had the honour to teach very different aspects of improv in places like St. Petersburg and Moscow (Russia), Canberra and Wagga Wagga (Australia), Hanoi (Vietnam), Singapore (Singapore), Pokhara (Nepal), Hong Kong (China) and Auckland and Christchurch (New Zealand)! As a teacher, I’m interested in combining improv with other art forms and also classical theatre and looking into new ways to bring honesty and vulnerability on the stage. 

Team-building sessions
Improv is a wonderful tool to teach team-building because there’s no better way to try out cooperation abilities than to put a bunch of people in front of the audience and ask them to come up with a play spontaneously on spot. In team-building sessions, we of course don’t ask the members of the team to act on the stage but we do use games and exercises that have been developed by improvisers to learn about how we behave in groups and find the courage to change the things we don’t like. The workshops are designed to help participants open up gradually and learn to appreciate others through methods of active participation.

The list of improv and corporate workshops that I offer can be found here!

Want more information about the workshops or are looking for an event organiser or a host? Have other ideas of cooperation? Write to me and let’s see if we can work things out! The address is: