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Improv workshops for fun!

Improv workshop at a community festival Aigu Om 2023. Photo: Dmitri Kotjuh

In improv, the performance is created on the spot in front of the audience. But games that are taken from the improvisational theatre practice can also be used for spending time in a fun and relaxing way with your peers! Improv games give the opportunity to break the ice and actively interact with each other. As a bonus, they have a good dose of on-the-spot humour built in, so it's all about jokes and laughter!

Rahel Otsa has been teaching improvisational theatre since 2009 and has been using improv in various corporate workshops since 2013. In addition to private events, she has also entertained with her fun improv workshops the teams of, for example, Kaubamaja, Swedbank, The Investment Club and Krediidipank.

Feedback from one of the workshops:
"We ran the improv workshop at one of our end-of-year events, and the aim was to entertain people and encourage them to socialise with each other. The interesting thing about improv is that though it may take some time for people to open up they will also not want the workshop to end when it’s time for that. If you want to create a free atmosphere, have fun and open people up then improv theatre is the way to go. The improv workshop led by Rahel instantly captured the imagination of all the participants, and her long experience in the field certainly guarantees the desired result. We were very happy with our workshop!"
Eliis Tammik
Swedbank AS, HR Specialist

These workshops can be organised both on their own and as part of larger events.
The workshop can be led in Estonian or in English. Reach out at to find out more!