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Team-building through improv!

Photo: Erlich Lõwi
Photo: Erlich Lõwi

Want to breathe new life into your team?
Examine and upgrade existing communication patterns?
Learn new skills or just have fun with your team?
Or maybe you're just looking for a team-building workshop that's slightly out of the box?

This team-building workshop helps to break participants out of routine patterns of behaviour and provides an opportunity to rethink the way they interact with each other. Exercises and games used in this workshop are taken from the practice of improv theatre and turned into a useful tool for learning about the ways we communicate and cooperate.

Instead of listening to a presentation, team members will be invited to participate in simple games where they are working towards a common goal. The exercises will include a discussion about the difficulties that may arise in communication and possible approaches that may help to deal with them. Although the training uses exercises from a theatre method, no-one has to 'go on stage'. The exercises are done in a collaborative and supportive way, and because it is a playful approach, learning happens through fun.

Photo: Erlich Lõwi
Photo: Erlich Lõwi

During the workshop, the following topics will be covered:
• active listening
• active contributions of ideas
• focusing on achieving a common goal
• valuing team members
• building trust
• thinking "outside the box"

This team-building workshop provides you with an opportunity to try out new ways of communication with your team in a safe environment. Through playing fun games the participants will also learn that each team member has a role to play and that the well-being of the whole team depends on the engagement level of everyone in the team. As a result of the training, team members will be more confident in communicating with each other and more aware of the pitfalls to avoid in their interactions.

This team-building workshop can be:
• 3-hour workshop. Also suitable as part of a longer seminar day or a summer meet-up.
• 6-hour workshop. A day-long training session where participants will be able to go deeper into the topic.
• multi-day training courses are also available on request.

The workshop can be led in Estonian or in English.

Photo: Erlich Lõwi
Photo: Erlich Lõwi

Rahel Otsa has been teaching improvisational theatre since 2009 and offering improvisation-based team-building workshops to companies since 2013. As a teacher, she is considered to be an attentive and good group leader who can also bring with her methods a new breathing to the team.

In the past, she has trained departments in the following companies: The East Tallinn Central Hospital, Coop Bank, The Ministry of the Interior, The Port of Tallinn, Wise, The Environmental Investment Centre, OÜ Utilitas, The Social Insurance Board, Kristiine District Administration, The National Audit Office of Estonia, The Estonian Business and Innovation Agency, The State Shared Service Centre, Telia and many others.

Here's some feedback from one of the workshops:
"The improv class went smooth and in amusing way. I was quite afraid when I decided to take part, but we had a great time together with the team. It was quite easy and no pressure at all. Just you, your team and improv spirit everywhere. The biggest advantage of conducting such improv classes on corporate level is that your co-workers can think on their feet and act fast — without an instruction manual. So, Rachel giving you this opportunity to learn in a perfect way.
Giving my highest recommendation!"
Dina Ordabayeva
Customer Support Agent at Wise